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  • Name: Stephanie Shepherd
  • Gender: female
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  • Phone: ***- **D0B 3X4
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  • School: BSE (Social Studies/Secondary Ed) John Brown University
  • Occupation: Home Manager & Educational Coordinator for our family
  • Contact: 4361 alfred st - Armstrong - British columbia
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Who is Stephanie Shepherd?

Wife to one, mom to 4. Main homeschooler, scrapbooker, and chief laundry washer in our household. Follower of Jesus and continually on a quest to know Him more. I like to write about the simple things in life that hold my attention: my husband, my three sweet girls and our busy, busy boy, a good book, a new notebook, crafty pursuits, and many other simple pleasures that come my way.

Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.

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You know that cemetery up the road? People are dying to get in there.