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  • Name: Luciana Machado Simon
  • Gender: female
  • Birthday:
  • Phone: [email protected] ***- **2630
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  • School: Journalism, communications Faculdade Da Cidade
  • Occupation: I am the only owner of
  • Contact: Rue de L'Abbé-Grégoire - Kirchberg (Sg) - Thurgau
  • Country: Springfield, PA Switzerland

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Who is Luciana Machado Simon? Happy, strong, straight forward, growing always, always say what I think, LOVE my SON, LOVE my BRAND, LOVE BJJ, LOVE MMA, love my customers/great friends. Adore to meet new people, to get to know new cultures, new languages, new everything. I am VERY CURIOUS ALWAYS! HATE day-by-day always the same thing. HATE injustice, HATE jealousy, hate to hear people say things that they really don't have a clue... But, love to practice sports, especially in the nature, like hiking with my dogs, biking, camping. Love ashtanga yoga and body pump classes. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE ALWAYS AROUND ME ALL DAY ALL THE TIME "BUGGING ME"!!!! Love you all my customers that became such wonderful, amazing friends and all I have I owe to you, including my happiness as a business woman. Grattitude, yes, I am very grateful to people too. And very revengeful to bad people. Even if I don't do anything in special, their time will always come...

I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I studied in Lestonac, CINCO and Colegio Marista Sao Jose'.  Then, I did journalism (two years only) at Faculdade da Cidade na Lagoa, Portuguese/English at Universidade Federal Fluminense (only two years). I also did the TTC (Teacher Training Course from, in my opinion, the best English course (for beginners, intermediates, advanced or graduates, like I was at the end, in Rio de Janeiro) with the duration of 2 years and passed (Advanced/teacher level Grammar, English Literature, Phonetics, Phonology, etc). I also passed the Michigan Test, which gave me the right to teach English Grammar anywhere in the world.  After that, I did one year of an extra-curricular program at Universidade Santa Ursula with one year of duration. It was about the psychology in Education and I passed with a great A+ result and a lot of knowledge. Then, I taught English in English courses for around 3 years when my brother and I decided to start our own factory to manufacture Braziian Jiu-jitsu gi's (uniforms).  At this time, I was studying Law (3 years) at Universidade Estacio de Sa' na Barra, where I lived by myself at an Apart Hotel on the 20th floor and was working on my Machado Kimonos business. I used to meet all my friends at "Praia do Pepe" at that time, and bike around 80 or more km along the beach a few times a week.  While I lived there, by myself, I was working during the week, the whole day, waking up at 5AM and usually getting back home at 8PM from my factory/store called Machado Kimonos, that, fortunately,  I still have, with a lot of pride and love for 17 years now: 6 in Brazil, and 11 here in Pennsylvania, where I am the only owner and manager, creator, Customer Service representative, etc, etc, etc (infinity of etcs) of everything. If you would like to have the most traditional and worn by many of the legends of BJJ and even MMA, go to my website, please: And, any questions, just email me at [email protected]. After I moved to Barra, I never saw my friends from Tijuca anymore, but made an enormous amount of great friends, especially from jiu-jitsu/MMA.  Almost all of them lived also in Barra da Tijuca.  I am a very extrovert person, who LOVES people, LOVES to sell, LOVES BJJ and MMA.  I also love my dogs, my life, to get to know different cultures, different minds, thoughts, different places and languages and would love to be able to move to a different country every two years!  Above all that, I LOVE MY SON TYLER, THAT REALLY CHANGED ME A LOT AS A PERSON, making me much stronger, and leaving my egocentrism behind. I became a person who can solve any problem cautiously and can defend any of my rights or of my son's or of anyone's I see is in need of help. Having my child, that is now almost 8 years old (05/20/2004) being a practicioner of BJJ and muay-thai, intelligent, lovable, sweet, smart, with a high self esteem, funny, creative and learning more and more to fight for his rights and to love and respect himself above all things, makes me feel extremely proud of the job I've done with him during our daily "Philosophical" conversations about all of these topics.  And, also, I must say that I am proud of myself for being able to give him my example, with the way I care, carry and behave myself, always taking care of us, defending our rights, fighting for what we consider right, fighting for our health, etc. It's all about growing inside as a human with a strong spirit, but incapable of "beating" others down. I also love to bike, adore ashtanga yoga, pilates and body pump. I like very much to go often (when it's not too cold) with my dogs to hike in beautiful places and listen to the sounds of the trees, the water, the breeze or wind, the birds and flowers, etc. es, etc.   Nowadays, besides being Brazilian, I am an American citizen for around 7 and a half years, and I am also married to the father of my son, for 11 years.  If you would like to talk to me, go directly to Facebook and twitter; ok?  Look for Luciana Machado- Simon on FB and on Twitter: @LucianaMKimonos.  I hope to get to know many more people and make life-long friends and that we can meet one day and have a LOT OF FUN TOGETHER; how about that??? Beijo da Lu.

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I used to be a banker, but I lost interest.

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