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Who is Joey Loi?

  • Name: Joey Loi
  • Gender: female
  • Birthday:
  • Phone: ***- **L5H 5HT
  • Mail:
  • School: Business of Administration International University - Vietnam National University
  • Occupation: student
  • Contact: 4818 st. john’s road - Newport - Gwent
  • Country: Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

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Who is Joey Loi?

-I'm not so pretty ,but I'm self-satisfied.
-I'm not a genius and sometimes I'm so silly ,but it's ok to be that way.
-I'm not always kind ,but I don't care.
-I love comics and everyone thinks I'm crazy, but so what .

- I'm just an ordinary a song I like 

Sometimes I'm lazy, I get bored
I get scared, I feel ignored
I feel happy, I get silly
I choke on my own words

I make wishes, I have dreams
And I still want to believe
Anything could happen in this world
For an ordinary girl

Like you, like me
For an ordinary girl

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I ate a clock yesterday. It was so time consuming.