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  • Name: Jenna Belt (JENNABELLAFONTE)
  • Gender: female
  • Birthday:
  • Phone: ***- **90016
  • Mail:
  • School: Fort Hays State University
  • Occupation: International Fashion, Celebrity, Music, and Beauty Industry Promoter, Branding Expert, Graphic Designer, Print/Web/Social Media Consultant
  • Contact: 4067 smedevænget - Odense sv - Hovedstaden
  • Country: Scottsdale, AZ

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Who is Jenna Belt (JENNABELLAFONTE)? My mind is like the speed and routes of a subway. I occasionally come up for air. Catch me if you can.

GYPSY JENNA: state to state, mover + shaker, designer, painter, singer, cheerleader, dancer, cruiser, disciple, sister, daughter, chosen, planner, executer, saver, organizer, conceptual, coffee-drinker, non-smoker, encourager, administrator, domestic, adventurous, creative! Too much to handle, too cold to hold. ;)

Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification.

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To the guy who invented zero... thanks for nothing.