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  • Name: imi Mido
  • Gender: female
  • Birthday: November 2
  • Phone: ***- **3166
  • Mail:
  • School: معهد التكوين
  • Occupation: سكرتارية مكتبية
  • Contact: Freserveien 291 - Krossberg - Bergen
  • Country: الجزائر

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Who is imi Mido? ‏هُناك أناسٌ نَرتبط مَعهُم روحياً حَتى لَو لَم نراهُم او لَم نلتق بهِم ابداً فجمال الروح هو الشيء الوحيد الذي لا يستطيع الزمن أن ينال منه

Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.

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A woman is on trial for beating her husband to death with his guitar collection. Judge says, ‘First offender?’ She says, ‘No, first a Gibson! Then a Fender!’