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  • Name: Gumi “かわいい” Megpoid
  • Gender: female
  • Birthday:
  • Phone: ***- **4456
  • Mail:
  • School: ❀Everyone is my family!!❀
  • Occupation: ❤Sing ❤Dance ❤Draw ❤Play sports ❤Chores ❤Watching Anime ❤Reading manga ❤Pet ❤Maid
  • Contact: - Adelaide - Western Australia
  • Country: ❀My Little world❀

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Who is Gumi “かわいい” Megpoid? I wuv carrots❤~

Kon'nichiwa!!!! ✮Welcome to my profile ≥u≤✭ Hajimemashite watashi wa gumi desu!~ Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!!!~ ❀About me❀ Well I'm a normal girl that loves watching anime and reading manga, also wuv to listen to vocaloid music!!~ I also draw many things (usually it's just anime since that's what I'm good at~ teehee) I also play video games 0^0 you have no idea what kind XD If you have more questions pwease ask me don't be shy~ ✾Likes✾ Well I wuv pocky!! <3 The thing I most like is helping people when their down or in trouble! I try my best to lighten then up so they could be cheerful!~ Muahahaha that's the power of caring!~ ✪Dislikes✪ What I dislike is people being mean to me and also talking to me with bad language~ On top of that I don't dislike anything!!! Hehe I'm always cheerful!~ Well that's all!!!~ It's a pleasure to meet you all and I hope we can become good friends!~ Sayonara minna-san!~

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