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  • Name: Blossom Wolf
  • Gender: female
  • Birthday: April 1
  • Phone: ***- **40733
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  • Occupation: Anthro Artist
  • Contact: 4333 king edward street - New plymouth - Wellington
  • Country: a Small Bubble

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Who is Blossom Wolf? Hello! I'm an anthro artist who loves to draw lots of furries and animals!! c:

Hey there!!
I am a freelance anthro artist. I enjoy the furry community and atmosphere, and love my time spent in the fandom. Wolves have been a favorite of mine from since my childhood, and I enjoy expressing my passion and love for all animals. Furries have been a big inspiration in my artwork, and I have met some inspiring artists, and have used a mass quantity of artists to create and personalize my particular art style. For more information about me, visit my pinned post at the top of my profile.

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