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  • Name: Amy Snow
  • Gender: female
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  • Phone: ***- **41604
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  • Occupation: Moving Logistics Coordinator
  • Contact: 786 paseo de extremadura - Pozuelo de alarcón - Cantabria
  • Country: New York

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Who is Amy Snow? When it makes you smile and want it even more than you did before!

I love marketing and the aspect of creation through visual messages and motion. My friends and family are my greatest wealth. I talk my cinnamon bunz off. I come up with silly t-shirt ads all the time. Picking on my friends is one of my all time family sports. Cooking is one of my inner passions. Making weird sounds in place of words comes naturally. On occasion I like to write short stories about what is currently happening in my life. Self improvement is constant. I believe in positive thinking and helping people around me feel good. I like giving compliments and pulling pranks. I listen to all types of music. I have been surrounded by DJ's & Musicians all my life. I made it through rave school class of 1996. I ran many, many street team accounts, and underground campaigns. I love pole snipes. lol I’m sensitive to energy. My imagination precedes me. I’m easily amused. I like adventure & the possibility of the unknown. Curiously self educated, sometimes herbally medicated.:) I read & generally love to love. I like building and creating in groups. Manifesting & reality come easily to me. I like magical conclusions & being lost in fairytale illusions. Bass lines drive me wild. I’m in love with 808 and if I had a choice to be reborn as a sound it would be bass. I make some pretty bad ass cupcakes or so Im told. I have a super sick sticker collection. I was raised in Cali OG west coast life style. My Mom and family rock out like professional party lovers. I can make you smile under any condition, I have a trick. :) I invoke reaction. I don’t underestimate people. I pay attention to feeling & expression. I can be shy and sometimes blush out. I’m intrigued by seduction and war. I like spontaneous engagements and laughing so hard my smile hurts. I love to please & I find personal satisfaction in positive solutions. I want to write a cook book one day. I really love traveling. :) I am thankful everyday for I am alive. I am happy I am able to be a part of this world. I plan to make the best of it for the rest of my life & yours...♥

Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.

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Why do you never see elephants hiding in trees? Because they're so good at it.