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  • Name: Alan Brain
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  • Occupation: Documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist.
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Who is Alan Brain? Documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist.

Im a storyteller with the heart of a journalist.

I always wanted to be a storyteller and happily I found two amazing mediums: writing and filming.

Probably, my passion for images is my main driving force. I have noticed than even when I write I try to populate my posts with as many images as I need to properly tell the story, it's like my mind tricks itself into believing that Im editing a film with static images.
I began working, extensively, as an editor for TV series, movies and for TV journalism. The editor is the first spectator and that had a big influence in me. Slowly, I started filming my own images. It was a very enjoyable process. Coming from the editing table I knew what kind of images I needed to make a story work. The two roles starting to feed each other in a very healthy simbiosis.

At some point, filming and editing was not enough. I started directing and testing my own ideas. Some worked and some not. I thrived and learned from the mistakes.Little by little, I distanced my self from all the fireworks that the editing room can provide and began to focus my energies on the core of most of the stories, the people.

And, that's it. I have a passion to tell stories through images and sounds, that is my craft.

On the other side, my passion for Forteana. Meaning, UFOs, life after death, ancient civilizations, esoteric traditions, aliens and mysticism comes from my parents.

My mother was a medium. She claimed to be able to contact the spirits of my ancestors every other month in my living room. On the other side, my father was a freemason and his library was full of books about UFOs, yoga, aliens, esoteric traditions, meditation, etc.

Crazy as it sounds, both of my parents were catholics.

I was born a catholic. I was baptised as a catholic and I studied in a catholic school where we use to go to church every week and read the Bible. I never got it the fun of believing in something because "You just need to believe".

As soon as i had the chance, I took my own path and embraced my own ancestral peruvian faith.

My reasoning is pretty simple: being a peruvian born in South America, miles away from Jerusalem, why do i have to worship and believe a god that belongs to the tradition of people that does not have any relationship with my own culture?.

Catholic religion arrived to Peru, as many other countries, with the spanish low life criminals that kidnapped our King and stole tons of gold from our lands.

I have had personal experiences along this "long strange trip", as Jerry Garcia would say, that have deeply convinced me that our reality is much more complex than what we believe or what science is willing to accept.

The man who is aware of himself is henceforward independent; and he is never bored, and life is only too short, and he is steeped through and through with a profound yet temperate happiness.

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